Getting your daily Reds & Greens couldn't be any easier or more delicious!  The Organic Greens powders are packed with essential nutrients naturally rich in vitamins & minerals, including Vitamin C & Vitamin A. These 100% plant based goodies su...

MindBody Protein (Vanilla Cinnamon)

Gold Hemp + Pea Protein Mind + Body Protein was developed to optimize both your mind & your body, using plant based proteins, nootropics & adaptogens. Expect improved recovery post workout + improved mental performance - better mood, focus, clarity...
Shroom Tonic was created to help you stay on top of stress, so you can always perform at your best. Medicinal mushrooms have long been used for their huge array of benefits, in fact, they have been used in traditional Chinese medicines for thousands of yea...
- Organic Coconut MCT Oil + Organic Hemp Oil -  A Powerful blend of Nutritious Plant Based oils for Physical and Mental performance. Naturally rich in Omega 3, 6 & 9s for brain health.  Your daily level up that supports Mind & Body performance. - M...
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