Allgood Coffee with Nootropics - COMING SOON!

Allgood Coffee with Nootropics - COMING SOON!

Allgood Nutrition Australia
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To all the coffee lovers out there, this will become your new go-to coffee without a doubt. To create the perfect fusion in your cup, we hand blend together the perfect selection of different size green beans, slowly roast a double roast of medium and medium dark beans and hot seal into high quality bags ready for your morning, midday or anytime time of day coffee. But we didn't stop there. We've also added NOOTROPICS to this already amazing coffee for improved Focus, Mood & Clarity with NO CRASH!

What makes our coffee different is that we've used an Australian grown, organic coffee grown out of Far North Queensland - where the rainforest meets the sea. This coffee bean is a high altitude, gold medal winning coffee. No cheap instant coffee here!

  1. Café quality coffee beans - espresso grind
  2. Smooth & creamy taste
  3. Improved mental performance
  4. Remember names & places
  5. Natural Nootropics
  6. NO caffeine crash
  7. Gold Medal winning coffee
  8. High altitude coffee - 1340 feet!

NOOTROPICS - with added L-Theanine, Alpha GPC & Siberian Ginseng. These Nootropics improve the effects of the coffee without changing the taste!

Origin: Mareeba 1340 feet, QLD, Australian
Blend: Screen 16/18 with pea berry hand selected 
Roast Profile: 50% Medium Roast + 50% Medium Dark Roast 
Strength: 4/5 
Tastes / Aromas: Sweet low acidy, hints of chocolate, honey, vanilla and caramel
Suitable for: Espresso, Strong Plunger, Strong drip filter or Chemex (pour over)

Comes in a 300g bag which will give you between 15 - 20 serves depending on how strong you like your coffee - that is only $2.75 per coffee!

Try the new Allgood Coffee with Nootropics today and tell me it isn't everything you've ever wanted and more!

 Want to go one step further? Try adding a teaspoon of our Shroom Tonic in MCT oil!