MindBody Plant Protein Bundle

MindBody Plant Protein Bundle

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The whole gangs here. You've got the Delicious Chocolate for those days where it just has to be decadent, then you've got the staple Vanilla Cinnamon that works with everything & then we've got Orea Cheesecake for when you want to go all out.

MindBody Plant Protein was developed to optimize both your mind & your body, using plant based proteins, nootropics & adaptogens. Expect improved recovery post workout + improved mental performance - better mood, focus, clarity & memory.

MindBody Plant Protein is ideal post work out, or as a nutritious & power-packed addition to your smoothie.

MindBody Plant Protein is made using Organic Gold Hemp / Organic Pea Protein + includes our signature Smart Blend. Smart Blend consists of ingredients that support & optimize brain function using nootropics & adaptogens. Comprising of Tulsi (Holy Basil), Coconut MCT & vitamin B6.

We didn't stop here, we want to have a big positive impact around Australia and have committed 50% of all profits to mental health charities. This is our way of giving back to the people that need support.

Product Benefits
High in Plant Based Proteins (26.2g per serve)
Supports Repair & Recovery
Powerful Brain Benefiting Ingredients – Smart Blend
Supports Positive Mental Health
100% natural Colours & Flavours
Decadent Flavours
Australian made & owned - in QLD!

The Breakdown

We started with a blend of high quality Organic Gold Hemp Protein + Organic Pea Protein for muscle growth, recovery & maintenance. We chose to use Gold Hemp because it’s naturally rich in Omega 3s & 6s which are essential for brain health + it’s packed with naturally occurring fibre. The Pea Protein was chosen because it is easily digested + rich in iron & arginine.

Carefully chosen adaptogens & nootropics were added to support everything ‘Brain Function’. Tulsi (holy Basil) extracts to improve cognitive functions including memory, mood + new brain cell growth & maintenance. Coconut MCT which acts like a windscreen wiper for a foggy mind, effectively providing clarity & extra brain fuel. And vitamin B6 which is essential for good brain health & function.

We tied the above together using Premium Natural Flavours & sweeteners. On its own or with your choice of water or milk, it is delicious. When added to a fruit smoothie, it is out of this world. And so, so good for you.

Optimize mind & body with complete, natural formulas to improve the way you feel physically & mentally.