Ultimate Snack Pack!

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Save money when you buy the bundle & get so much more. Includes: 1 x High Protein Custard with Chunks 1 x Protein Rice Cream1 x MindBody Plant Protein  Plant Proteins with Nootropics may assist with High in Plant Based Proteins (26.2g per serve) Supporting Repair & Recovery Powerful brain benefiting...
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Save money when you buy the bundle & get so much more.


1 x High Protein Custard with Chunks 
1 x Protein Rice Cream
1 x MindBody Plant Protein 

Plant Proteins with Nootropics may assist with

  • High in Plant Based Proteins (26.2g per serve)
  • Supporting Repair & Recovery
  • Powerful brain benefiting ingredients 
  • 100% natural colours & flavours 
  • Naturally sweetened using Stevia & Thaumantin
  • High in Fibre 
  • Rich in vitamins & minerals

High Protein Custard 

  • Quick & easy snack or dessert
  • High in Plant Protein 
  • Low calories
  • Low sugar 
  • High in Fibre
  • 100% natural active ingredients – ZERO fillers.
  • 100% Vegan friendly
  • Incredible in baking or slices

Protein Rice Cream 

  • Delicious Rice Pudding
  • Australian grown rice
  • All natural 
  • High Protein snack
  • Naturally rich in Omega 3, 6 & 9
  • Support a healthy Heart 

All Products are

  • Australian made & owned
  • Support positive mental health 

MindBody Plant Protein!

It has never tasted this good.

MindBody Plant Protein was developed to help optimize & support both your mind & your body, using plant based proteins, nootropics & adaptogens, in the most delicious way possible. 

These flavours will have you rethinking everything you think you know about plant protein. Decadent, rich and amazingly delicious. And let's face it, it has to taste good or it's a no. It's that simple. And this, my friends, is the best there is. 

And as for performance, you can expect improved recovery post workout + mood support, focus, clarity, memory recall & reduced levels of stress. Protein is essential in building muscle & may assist in burning fat & supporting a healthy weight.

MindBody Plant Protein is ideal post work out, or as an upgrade to your smoothie, breakfast, baking or even as healthy snack. 

The ins & outs.

We used 2 types of plant proteins - Organic Gold Hemp & Organic Pea Protein. We chose to use hemp because it is naturally rich in omegas, fibre & vitamins. The Nootropics & Adaptogens consist of ingredients designed to support & optimize brain function, mental well-being & support a healthy stress response. Specifically Holy Basil, Coconut MCT & B vitamins (inc B12 & B6).

We didn't stop here though, all our product directly and indirectly support positive mental health through natural ingredients, recycled or recyclable packaging & our regular "gives" to support our community.

Product Benefits

 High in Plant Based Proteins (26.2g per serve)

 Supports Repair & Recovery

                                     Assists muscle building & fat burning

 Nootropics & Adaptogens for Mind Health

                                          Rich in vitamins & minerals

 100% natural Colours & Flavours 

Naturally sweetened

 Australian made & owned - in QLD!


Let's Break it done some more.

We started with a blend of high quality Organic Gold Hemp Protein + Organic Pea Protein for muscle growth, recovery & maintenance. We chose to use Gold Hemp because it’s naturally rich in Omega 3s & 6s which are essential for brain health + it’s packed with naturally occurring fibre. The Pea Protein was chosen because it is easily digested + rich in iron & arginine.

Carefully chosen adaptogens & nootropics were added to support everything ‘Brain Function’. As we know, mental health is everything. Holy basil extract was added to improve cognitive functions including memory, mood, stress relief + new brain cell growth & maintenance. Coconut MCT, a 'healthy fat' acts like a windscreen wiper for a foggy mind, effectively providing clarity & extra brain fuel. And B vitamins which are essential for good brain health & function and overall health & well-being.

MB Plant Protein has been naturally Flavoured & sweetened using Stevia & Thaumantin. On its own or with your choice of water or milk, it is absolutely delicious, smooth & creamy. Be ready for this kind of delicious. No sandy plant protein here. Full, rich and delicious flavours will have you wanting more every time.

Try adding it to a fruit smoothie, it is out of this world. And so, so good for you.

Optimize mind & body with complete, natural formulas to improve the way you feel physically & mentally.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mandy Butler
Clearing the Fog

I am transitioning to a vegetarian lifestyle and I’ve been looking for a protein boost that isn’t sourced from animals.
Golden Hemp and Pea ticks all the boxes for me, and it tastes great.
The Shroom Tonic has made a difference to my ability to focus and to maintain a more positive outlook... it’s win/win for me 🙏
AND.... I feel good supporting a business that cares for more than just their bottom line...... thanks Limitless Nutrition ❤️

Drew Brauer

2 of my favourite Limitless products! It's great to see an Australian made and owned company doing their part for mental health in Australia not only with the product ingredients but their 50% profit give to charity! Oh, and they taste amazing!

Great product

I was already struggling with all that’s happened in the past, and now some days I’ve felt like the world’s against me. So I decided to look inward for what I could do to help myself. I knew nutrition was key to improving my mind set. Now I’ve tried some shakes but none of them have been as good as this! I was so impressed with the benefits I’ve felt over the time I’ve been using the shroom tonic, I reckon this gave me a big boost of energy, like it motivated me again and got me back into exercising too. So it was that whole body mind experience for me!

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