Why Mind + Body? Run down on ingredients & how the range came about.


Why a Mind & Body range?

Well, that’s easy. I wanted a product that made me feel good physically & mentally. I had been using proteins and aminos for years to improve the way I performed physically, and using nootropics to improve the way I felt or performed mentally. I loved that I could hack my own physiology like this, even before I knew what that meant. I think we all do to some degree. That morning coffee we all have isn’t just because we love the taste, it’s because it wakes us up & brings a bit of clarity.

The Mind + Body range was designed so that the products could be used together too. Proteins for the body & muscles, aminos for energy & endurance and the Shrooms to support & optimize everything.

Plus each formula has its own ingredients to support improved brain functions. Hence the Mind + Body name.

Below i’ll run through ingredients we’ve used & why…?

Mind + Body PROTEIN

We started with a blend of high quality Organic Gold Hemp Protein + Organic Pea Protein for muscle growth, recovery & maintenance. We chose to use Gold Hemp because it’s naturally rich in Omega 3s & 6s which are essential for brain health + it’s packed with naturally occurring fibre. The Pea Protein was chosen because it is easily digested + rich in iron & arginine.

Plus we added Smart Blend to support & improve mental performance.

Carefully chosen adaptogens & nootropics were added to support everything ‘Brain Function’. Lions Mane mushroom extracts to improve cognitive functions including memory, mood + new brain cell growth & maintenance. Coconut MCT which acts like a windscreen wiper for a foggy mind, effectively providing clarity & extra brain fuel. And vitamin B6 which is essential for good brain health & function.

We tied the above together using Premium Natural Flavours & sweetened it using Monk Fruit Extract. On its own or with your choice of water or milk, it is delicious. When added to a fruit smoothie, it is out of this world. And so good for you.

Mind + Body AMINO

This absolutely had to be plant derived. Have you read about what the synthetic amino acids are made from? Something hairy going on there.
We developed Mind + Body Amino using plant derived Branch Chain Amino Acids as a base to support muscle growth & endurance, we’ve also included L-Glutamine to support the immune system & improve exercise performance + added an electrolyte blend to keep you hydrated.

And again, it contains it’s own Smart Blend to improve cognition.

In the Aminos the Smart Blend consists of Coconut MCT for mental clarity & brain Fuel + Vitamin B6 to support good brain healthy brain functions.

I personally use this as an intra-workout but also use it when ever I need energy or focus. Which is most days.

Mind + Body SHROOM Tonic

I love this product! For 2 reasons. 1 because I am fascinated with mushrooms and their magical energy haha sounds a bit hippie. And 2 because they actually work & work really well.
It is a combination of powerful adaptogens & natural nootropics.

Shroom Tonic uses 4 Organic Mushroom Extracts. Specifically Lions Mane, Cordyceps, Chaga & Reishi. All extracts are high quality Nammex Certified Organic too. 100% vegan.
This 100% natural product supports the way our bodies handle or adapt to stress + so much more. I personally notice from these that I feel much more patient. Things I would usually find stressful or frustrating seem like nothing. I also love the cognitive kick I get.

Lions Mane Mushrooms are well known for their brain boosting properties. Everything from improved cognition, to brain health & cell support.

The Cordyceps benefits include Improved exercise performance due to better oxygen utilisation, Immune system support + they contain effective anti-inflammatory & anti-aging properties too.

Chaga has the ability to stimulate the immune response among other things like reducing inflammation & combating abnormal cell growth.
Reishi is used to also support the immune system but also to reduce fatigue & improve our sleep.

All of these mushrooms work beautifully together giving you one powerhouse natural daily supplement.

All our products are plant based & made in Queensland, Australia. The quality of ingredients are important to us so we ensure only the best are used, regardless of price. I really hope you enjoy the range and get as much benefit from these ingredients as we do.

Much Love

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